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Relief Realty

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Home ownership is supposed to resemble achievement of the American dream, but unfortunately that’s not always the case. Sometimes life gets in the way.

A home should be a place to create endless memories, not lots of stress. Unfortunately, unforeseen circumstances can pop up and turn your “American Dream” into a nightmare.

We know, we’ve been there. Relief Realty was created to solve stressful house problems for people who don’t know what to do with their current life-changing situations.

Every year, people get divorced, get sick, lose their job, or even pass away. Suddenly the housing payment digs through your savings and before you know it, you are out of options.

You may have the following questions:

  • What if there is no equity?
  • What if you need to sell and squeeze every dollar out of your home?
  • What if you need to sell your house FAST before the foreclosure date?

My name is Deborah See and it wasn’t long ago when I found myself in this exact situation. I became extremely ill and found myself living through my worst nightmare. At the time, I didn’t know what my options were.

One day, an investor group came in and saved the day! They were able to help me get out from debt associated with my house and I was able to get out and focus on getting well.

Once I became healthy again I knew I wanted to be in the business of helping others solve their house problems. Coincidentally, my nephew Wes went through the exact same thing when his Dad was facing foreclosure on his property.

If your house is what is causing your stress, just know that you have solutions. The truth is that the longer you ignore the issue, the worse it can get. In my situation, I lived in denial for much longer than I should have. Realistically, I would have been in a much better position if I acted sooner.

Relief Realty is a family run business comprised of people who have actually gone through a similar situation as you may be experiencing right now.

Let our family solve your family’s house problems.